The Aja Story

Aja was founded on a singular mission: HEALING BY NATURE. 


Here at Aja, we believe the planet is here to provide for everyone and everything. We believe in the abundance around us and the responsibility we have as a society to preserve nature for future generations so in turn they can experience the blessings we cherish today. We believe in the ability of people to reach their fullest potential by making the small decisions everyday to transform into their better selves.


Aja products have all ingredients fully disclosed on the label so there is no guessing. We use the most prestigious testing facilities across the US with top tier industry technologies and processes to provide cost effective and high quality products customers can believe in. Our farm to production process is heavily controlled and regulated at every phase to create consistent and effective products.


This meticulous consideration of core values results in the most reliable premium CBD product on the market.


We pride ourselves in excellent service dedicated to health consciousness and understanding only the highest quality ingredients should enter our bodies. This is why we have emphasized the importance our line of USDA Organic Certified and lab tested CBD products.


Our Cofounder Matt has 4+ years of history involved in the California medical hemp and cannabis industry and noticed most brands and products were not transparent and carried ambiguous labels with false claims misguiding patients. Understanding the importance of solving for this issue, he was motivated to make a change and provide an industry shifting product which incorporates Transparency, Trust, and Consistency.


~ Follow the butterfly